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trreherd said:
Oh well sense no one else is helpin with your question i guess i will. First off it sounds like you dont. I will be having over 600 gph in my 20 gallon. And what are you using to generate that flow? You know powerheads arent the thing anymore, the new 'streams' are what you want for coral flow. These use barely any electricity and create huge, evenly spread out flows, you can point them directly at coral. You also want to consider what kind of flow you have. is it coming from a single source or do you have multiple powerheads pointed at each other? You want chaotic flows. this is obtained by having multiple sources of water flow pointed at each other. this can be obtained with powerheads, i only mentioned streams because they use less electricity for more flow.
here are some of the streams i told you about(incase you are unfamiliar with them)
ive never heard of these streams, do you mean wave makers? Seems like interesting stuff to me
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