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water changes

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Hello people
my questions is: how often should i change the water and how much water to change?
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I think its something like 20% every 2 weeks.
i have a 4' tank and i change aprox 10gallons a week :D
i think it just depends on what fish you own and the size of your tank, if you could post what you have it may help?
I have seen many different views on water changes. I've seen people do them once every 6months, 1 a month, every week, 2 a month, etc. I used to believe if it isnt broke dont fix it. But that was the old me. Now I will do them once a month if not 2 times a month. In the winter time I only do them 1 time a month because I'm loosing 28gallons every 2 weeks at least, when the weather strats to warm up and evaporation calms down I will start back on 2-3 times a month.
How much water and how often will i need to change it in my 20 gallon tank with 10 gallon sump?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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