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Warty Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus)

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Warty Frogfish

Scientific Name: Antennarius maculatus
Family: Antennariidae

About the Warty Frogfish

Species Type: Saltwater Fish
Category: Frogfish

Care Level: Difficult. Healthy specimens may be difficult to find, as stress during shipping is normal. Triggering a feeding response in captivity may present a challenge, or meeting the dietary demands of the species may require special daily care.
Origin: Indonesia
Compatibility/Temperament: Peaceful. The Warty Frogfish preys on small fish and crustaceans, and is not really considered a "reef-safe" fish, although you should be able to keep corals with caution. Shrimp, crabs and other small reef creatures may be consumed by the Warty Frogfish, so be cautious when keeping these creatures. This fish can and will try to eat anything that is its own size or smaller. With tankmates larger than itself, it does have a peaceful temperament.


The Warty Frogfish, also known as the Warty Angler or Wartskin Frogfish, is a peculiar looking fish that makes a interesting addition to fish-only or FOWLR aquariums. The Warty Frogfish can be kept in a reef tank, but use caution as ornamental shrimp, crabs and other reef creatures will probably be devoured whole. The Warty Frogfish appears to resemble a rock or a piece of coral more than a fish and colors can vary greatly between specimens. The Warty Frogfish is not considered a beginner fish, as feeding this fish can be rather difficult since it only takes live food. The Warty Frogfish will sit still, waiting for food to pass and lunges out to snatch their prey whole. The Warty Frogfish has been known to eat a fish almost its own size.

The Warty Frogfish generally is comfortable is water that is between 75-80 degrees F and specific gravity is between 1.021 and 1.026. Generally keep the dKH between 8-12 and the Calcium between 400-450. The Warty Frogfish will do better in tanks that have a nitrate reading less than 20 ppm.

This fish has a rating of "Difficult" however that is misleading, It is a very hardy fish in terms of acceptable water conditions. It is only rated as "Difficult" because this fish will only eat Live Fish and live Invertebrates (Such as Shrimp) This combined with its very slow movement makes it very difficult to feed. If there are tank mates that will also eat live food, his tank mates will almost always beat him to the prey. Only having this fish in a species only tank, or Natural feeding (Filling the tank with enough fish so that he can use his fishing gear to attract and consume his prey) and/or Target Feeding (Using a feeding stick or feeding bell) will ensure that this fish is adequately fed until you can train it to accept frozen food.

Warty Frogfish Diet

The Warty Frogfish is an carnivore that will feed on live feeder shrimp and feeder fish in the aquarium. Their diet should not be supplemented with prepared foods.


Species tend to grow to about 4"

Minimum Tank Suggestion

20 gallons

Ideal water parameters for Warty Frogfish

Marine fish are highly sensitive animals with very specific care requirements. Most all saltwater species will require similar water conditions, designed to replicate that of natural seawater. Ammonia and nitrite levels should absolute zero, temperature at 76F to 80F, and salinity at 1.024 to 1.026. Although some fish are tolerant of lower levels of Nitrate, the goal in every aquariums should be to keep Nitrate as close to zero as possible, and certainly under 20ppm. Finally, maintaining a stable pH of 8.0 to 8.4 is desired. Achieving this is made easier by monitoring alkalinity, which should be kept at 8-12 DKH, and calcium, which is targeted at 400 to 460ppm.

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