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Family: Vaillantellidae

Common Name: Forktail Loach

Origin: Malaysia, Borneo and Brunei.


Forktail Loach Diet

It should accept brine shrimps, bloodworms, daphnia, mosquito larva and commercial foods.


Water parameters for Forktail Loach

The Forktail Loach should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 72 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 6.5.


Vaillantella maaasi is quite an unusual loach growing to 6 inches at most. It is found in fast flowing rivers and is a fairly secretive fish requiring plenty of hiding places so a tank furnished with several hiding places, powerful flow rate and fine substrate will make a suitable environment for the most part.

Tankmates ideally will include Pangio species, rasboras and tetras. Do make sure the tankmates are not nippy that they will eventually damage the dorsal fin and long tail.

Breeding is not known. These are not commonly available and due to high demand, they may fetch a high price.
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