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Included are four pictures of my mommy glowlight and a picture of a male glowlight that i'm gonna pair her. mommy glowlight actually had spawned just about 3 weeks ago now and she's egg-full again. been feeding them together in my 55 gal outdoor community tank with frozen bloodworms and omega+ plus spirulina. (pictures of the fish in my outdoor community tank were taken last night and pictures of my outdoor breeding container were taken this morning)

I've also included pictures of my 15+ gallon plastic container outdoor pond that mommy glowlight once had spawned. but this time, i used a plastic basket as a spawning grate, placed slightly above the bottom to let the eggs fall through the bottom of the black plastic tank pond. I have also included lychee tree branches and leaves. Are lychee branches okay to use to yield slightly peat water (tannins)? lychee plant matters looks as good as in the south american floodwaters where tetras naturally live in the wild. the leaves, still attached in twigs, also serve as a shade. beneath it are submerged Egeria densa (brazilian waterweed) and Myrios (green foxtail). outside the plastic basket grate is an airstone for oxygen and slight water movement. i'm covering the whole tank with its black plastic cover with an inch opening on the other end for a small light and air to enter.

i moved in the male first just 3 hours ago, it's 11:35pm currently. i'm moving in mommy glowlight later. I need advices guys, or if i'm doing something wrong.

p.s. it's currently summer here and it's about to end in june.


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