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Okay so Ive only had a fish for 3 months now. Since then,Ive done a butt load of research and have learned alot. I also have added to my betta collection lol. But anyways,point is, its been three months and I know more about fish and their care then my sister who has had fish for years!!

It just boggles my mind that you can have fish as pets but never bother to actually look into their proper care and what not. Like um cycling...She has high ammonia makers,so it prolly cycled on its own,but she never got a test kit. Then she wonders why they die on just now,she said one of her tinfoil barbs died and the other is sick. She said its a fungus on that one.

Grrr....well first off she doesnt keep up with water changes at all!! I tell her with that many fish and the waste they produce at least twice a week. She claims she has no help so she cant do it. Well if thats the case,you shouldnt have the dang fish!! Plus she was the dummy who got a tall tank rather than a long like i told her to. do you get through to someone who thinks what they are doing is perfectly fine?? just frustrates me...even before i had fish, i knew she didnt take proper care of them. Didnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out really.

*vent over* for now:evil:
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