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The tank is a rectangular 5.5 us gallon tank

2. Water parameters
a. Ammonia?
b. Nitrite?
c. Nitrate?
d. pH, KH and GH?
e. Test kit?

I have to be honest, I haven't been able to buy a kit but tomorrow I am ordering one, I know putting this off was a horrible idea. I am a beginner and there are no nearby fish stores (and I have no functioning car).

Temperature is 80(f) in the main tank, 83(f) in his small quarantine tank.

Fresh water tank

The aquarium has been set up for roughly two months.

There are 3 adult snakeskin barbs (the largest being around 1.5 inches), the Gourami (Isolated at the moment), and about four ghost shrimp that hide in the plants.

7. Were the fish placed under quarantine period (minus the first batch from the point wherein the tank is ready to accommodate the inhabitants)?

Unfortunately no, I'm in a college dorm and we are only allowed up to ten gallons of water. I don't have another tank to dedicate for an extended quarantine period. As of the moment the Barbs are not expressing anything like the Gourami.

Three live plants, purely aquatic. White sand, natural driftwood branch, natural river stones, natural shells. One shell is large enough for the fish to hide underneath. Bubble stone in the back to help circulate a current.

Yes there is a filter and heater.

Roughly 12hrs/light (during the day) and 12hrs/dark (night), sometimes varies.
No sunlight exposure, the tank is in the farthest possible spot from any windows.

I do a partial change of the water (about 1/5 of the water) once or twice a week (always once, sometimes twice if the tank looks like it needs it). Tap water treated with Topfin water conditioner. No vacuum for the sand.

Tropicalfin flakes, fed a small amount twice a day (This worked for the barbs, the Gourami gorged himself I believe which is what caused all these problems...) and mistakenly, Bloodworms (which will NEVER touch the tank of a gourami of mine ever again, whether I have one again in the future or he (hopefully!) recovers.)

The Dwarf Gourami started with laying at the bottom of the tank lethargically on his side, moved him to the quarantine tank and treated him like he had constipation (he has yet to eat any of the shelled peas, he is simply not interested in food. His belly is swollen but his scales are not protruding like they would for dropsy. He has no lesions or sore or bloody spots. He hasn't pooped - yesterday it looked like he was trying to but it was thin and yellow and almost looked like a string of jelly. Gills appear normal, or they haven't changed since I purchased him. Now today his dorsal fin is almost completely rotted away somehow without me noticing (and I have been watching him closely since sunday afternoon when I discovered him at the bottom). His lower fin also seems to be beginning to rot and his tail fin looks like it has a tiny bite out of it, which wasn't there sunday or yesterday.

I have quarantined him and have raised the temperature slightly, tried shelled peas to no avail, fasted him for a few days and he just seems to be getting worse. I don't have access to a fish store and no place near by has medicines for fish, otherwise I would have tried some by now...

Any help is greatly appreciated...I can't do anything tonight and I don't have a car (and it is a small..small town...) but if there are any at-home methods I can do I want to know. I'd rather not have my little gourami die... I feel awful that he's suffering right now, and I wish I were better prepared.

The pictures may be rather large and thus unfocused by I tried my best to get good views on what I am seeing...

the picture with the two q-tips is the yellow jelly poop that I mentioned, picked up after with a q-tip. It's dried but it's still the same color. He hasn't pooped since.


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Fin rot usually occurs from bad water conditions in the tank. Since i believe it is a fungus you could try adding aquarium salt to the tank per instructions on the box as it might help kill the fungus. As for what is really making him ill, I have no clue. Maybe a more experienced person can diagnose the problem?

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Well he died sometime last night...

As for the bad water conditions / salt / fungus,
His little quarantine tank had no filter so i was changing the water (partial every half hour or hour, and if i was gone for my classes i came back and did a nearly all change. The new water i used was gotten from the filter of the main tank so it was fresh. I had put aq. Salt in the main tank already and i had put some in with him. The fin rot hadnt shown up until after he was quarantined already for two days. None of the barbs are showing signs but i will be watching them like a hawk to see if they start showing it...

Guess i wont be getting gourami for a long time if ever rather not run the risk of having this situation popping up again.
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