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Here r all my freshwater tanks.

29g heavily planted as u can see. Diy co2 setup. Fluval 306, aqueon quietflow 10, and a powerhead. 50% wc once or twice a week. Im overstocked so dont pester me about it. The livestock is
5 cardinal tetras
7 rummynose tetras
5 long finned leopard danios
6 porkchop/copper rasboras
3 bushynose plecs
3 juvenile angels
8 cories
3 yoyo loaches
2 otos

5g planted. Filter is a aqueon quiet flow 10, soon will be getting a smaller filter. Plants r all trimmings from the 29. Livestock is
1 male betta
9 ember tetras
4 pygmy cories

Close up on betta
He has some nice fins and color. Eats everything super healthy :)

Fluval edge 6g home to my breeding pair of brevis minutus shell dwellers. Their r pretty cool fish.

So any thoughts on the tanks???
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Very very cool!! May I give you a tip? Now I am my NO means a photographer. uh,uh... no way. But if you take your photos at night all the room and window glare is gone. Turn off ALL the room lights and any TV in the room, then just use the tank lights.

Beautiful tanks! I think I need to google the shell dwellers tho. Edit... OK Those are COOL!! Do you have to give them lots of shells because they like to change and move around? Or they are fussy and need more then one present to pick the one they like?
Ya i probably should of waited 2 take the pics. I think if u give them like 1 than they will go into it because it is the only 1 there. But from what i noticed is they tend 2 stay in 1 shell then after a little they move 2 another 1. The male also is trying the caves in the rocks. So i think they like 2 move around a little and see which 1 they like the most. Also if u want to breed them than more shells will make them happier, which in return lead the fish 2 breed. They r pretty aggressive though; there was 5 white cloud minnows as a dither, cus they used to be very shy. And now there is 1 :( They defend there shells, even when not breeding. There r 12 shells that they can go into but 16 total, plus 4 caves with the rocks. So there is around 16-20 hiding places for them. Thx for the compliments on the tanks and the tip.
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Very nice tanks. The 29g is absolutely beautiful. Great job.
Great job :thumbsup:
Thx. Any suggestions for a filter for the 5g?
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