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This weekend I'm finely moving the Angel and rams from my 20 gallon into a 55 gallon tank out in our living room, It got delayed because I had apartlently made a deal with someone that I would wait until closer to winter to set it up couldnt be helped. I've been doing large water changes feeding sparely and the bolivain rams have even tried to spawn- angel ate the eggs but oh well.

I'm going to see if I can set up a 90 gallon or a 55 gallon in my room/ get rid of the computer desk and get a laptop for internet access. My questions are for a 90 gallon- i don't want a repeat of a fish that will need larger quaters. What types of cichlids could I put in a 90 gallon? I like the following.

Green terrors

Chacolate cichlids

Fire mouths

Wild Angelfish- Red back manacapuru



Red terrors

Anone know of any other South American/ Centeral american that would work well?:-?
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