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Unexpected Deaths

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Hi all,

I seem to be having some problems with my fish. Last week I bought a female guppy from a pet store. I brought her into my community tank which had 1 adult female guppy, 3 6mth old male guppies and a 6 th old female guppy. When she got into the tank I noticed that she had some white spots on her, which i assumed to be ick. I treated them for 2 days and then my 6 month old guppy gave birth to 4 fry so I stopped the treatments. 2 days later, the one of my female guppys (not the new one or the new mother) died unexpectedly. I moved my fry into a 5 gallon tank to themselves and started treating the tank for ick again. I tested my water and my pH was a little high so I brought it down. All of my other levels were good. Then I had one of my males die also. So I started freaking out. Today, my mom called and said that I lost another male and the other male and my 6 mth old female were acting weird. She also noticed 2 more fry in the tank. Does anyone know why my fish are dropping like flies? My levels are good. Could it be the treatment from the ick? I was doing 25% water as it advised.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated !
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Welcome to the forum

Without knowing what treatment you are using for ich, it is impossible to say if that has anything to do with it.

Can you provide the numbers of your test results?

Acting weird - in what way?
How weird are they acting and what are they doing?
What did you add to change the PH? Altering PH is very dangerous and can harm the fish. Products that adjust PH usually only work for a small period of time before the PH goes back to where it was.

PH changes throughout the day naturally, so don't worry if it's never the exact same number.
Thanks for the replies

Fortunately they are back to normal. Usually they would be swimming happily around the tank and playing in the bubbles, but they were just sitting at the bottom of the tank and looked depressed to be honest, as weird as that sounds.

I think it may have been the ick treatments that killed some. I gave them the recommended dose of "Ick Guard" but since they were young it may have been too much for them. However the ones that are left are perky again.

I don't know what I did, or what happened, but they seem to be back to themselves

Again, thank you for your replies
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