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Unless the plant has adapted to growing emersed and submersed the seed/plant will just rot under water. There's nothing we can do to change that. If you put a sunflower seed under water and keep it there its going to rot. Best to stick with Aquatic/marsh/bog plants that are use to being under water.

There are different ways to separate/split plants to make more. Some plants do this natural by sending off plantlets viva runners from the mother plant e.g. Crypts, Jungle Vallisneria, and Dwarf Sagittaria to name a few. When this happens you can cut the plants off the cord/stem that attaches it to the mother plant as long as there is enough roots and leaves for the small plant to survive by itself.

Some plants like Swords will send up inflorescences that will form plantlets that once again you pull off once there are enough roots and leaves.

Plants that have rhizomes such as Anubias and Java fern you can cut the rhizome and make 2 plants out of one as long as each section has enough leaves and roots to support it.

Hopes this helps some!
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