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Types of wood for aquariums? Mopani wood?

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I know there are types that need to be avoided, what are they? I'm looking for new stuff to use that isn't just driftwood and I don't want to buy anything that shouldn't be in an aquarium.

What is Mopani wood exactly and is it actually okay for aquariums? I've been seeing it more frequently now in stores and it's from Zoo Med who I only sort of trust as a company. They have put out a ton of aquarium products that are not actually safe for aquariums.
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Thank you very much :)

I figured that it was probably a type of wood that, depending on the actual pieces could either be good enough for an aquarium or actually only supposed to be used in a reptile or bird enclosure.

I like the idea of ZooMed, but they don't seem to think of their products being used for long periods of time, like with their floating Betta logs. I love those but the paint isn't aquarium safe and peels off, and if you happen to have a pelco, ottos or other sucker type fish in there, they'll suck the paint right off and die. Unfortunately we had that happen 3 times before we realized what was happening.

The link you provided me with actually provided me with another link for a place to buy Malaysian driftwood. I've looked for it in my local pet stores but they either were out every time I came in or they didn't carry them. So i'll be able to get some good stuffs.

Thank you!
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What about 'ghostwood' is that stuff okay?

Spiderwood does look awesome btw
Okay cool, that's good to know.

I've found someone who is selling oak manzanita cottonwood and some white pine.. I'm pretty sure pine is one that shouldn't be used, is that right?
Okay, I kinda thought that since it was pine there would be a sap issue or something like that.

Do you happen to know what type of driftwood Petco sells? They have them in their tanks and sell the 'naked' ones for about $7 and the ones with anubias on them for about $13. I've always just called them generic driftwood lol.
Thank you very much, you have been very helpful!
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