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Types of wood for aquariums? Mopani wood?

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I know there are types that need to be avoided, what are they? I'm looking for new stuff to use that isn't just driftwood and I don't want to buy anything that shouldn't be in an aquarium.

What is Mopani wood exactly and is it actually okay for aquariums? I've been seeing it more frequently now in stores and it's from Zoo Med who I only sort of trust as a company. They have put out a ton of aquarium products that are not actually safe for aquariums.
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I stick with the Malaysian driftwood because the one time I tried the Mopani, I had fungus issues even thought I boiled it for a few hours before putting it in the tank.

Having said that, if you do go with Mopani, you might never have an issue but it is something to be aware of. If you put Mopani in the search post feature, you'll see lots of conversations about it. Here's one of the links that might be helpful for you:
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