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Hey all,

I am new here and seeking opinions.

Right now, I have a young RES (red eared slider) turtle named Butters.

I keep him with three Red Tinfoil Barbs. They have been together seven years and are all around six inches.

I keep them in a 55 gallon tank (tall).

I have a floating dock for Butters and a patch of floating grass for him to bask and play on (he can hide in the grass and wade in the shallow water that is created between the dock and grass).

I use a Fluval 400.

The tank is filled with about 45 gallons (allowing space for the Butters to bask).

On the floor, I chose 1.5 inch grass patches instead of gravel. It looks better, is easier to clean, and Butters won't eat it when he gets bigger.

The grass bottom, along with four log ornament (each about 15 inches long and six inches high) allow for plenty of places to hide.

I have around 15 algae eaters, 20 ghost shrimp, one pleco, and several ramshorn snails keeping the bottom clean.

Butters loves the max water space to swim and explore, while my three tinfoil barbs have plenty of space to school. They get along great.

The various bottom feeders keep my tank immaculate with minimal maintainence.

All I have to do is change the filter once a month and half the water once a month.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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too many fish for that size tank, the pleco im guessing is a common plec which will get way to big for a 45 gallon tank, same goes with the algae eaters, you have too many algae eaters for a tank like that, im guessing those algae eaters are CAE which are pretty agressive....
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