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About a week ago I found an article about tubbing and I thought that it looked really interesting. Basically it said put the fish in a big barrel and they'll be fine. But I’m going to assume it's a little more complicated than that.
i have been keeping aquariums for 5 years so I know how to take care of a fish. But I’m sure that this is a little bit different than an aquarium. I would love if you could give me a walk through of what I need to do for this. Some specific questions that I have are:

What kind of fish? (I have heard live bearers)
How many fish?
What kind of plants?
Do I feed them the same?
What kind of filter should I do?
Do I need substrate?
How often should i water change?

And pretty much anything that is not COMPLETELY obvious. I think that this is a really interesting topic. It’s really hard to find any information on it and I would appreciate any that you could give me. Thank you.

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im no pond expert, and i think im alittle confused by your topic but ill try to help as best as i can..

What kind of fish? koi/goldfish prob. the common guys
How many fish? depends on how big of a pond were talking about
What kind of plants? lillies, duck weed, anarchis to name a few
Do I feed them the same? unsure of feeding
What kind of filter should I do? unsure, id say some kind of canister type fitration ( like a pool filter, and a uv sterilizer )
Do I need substrate? i'd say no, but it would keep plants rooted unless plants all get potted
How often should i water change? unsure for ponds

hope that was atleast somewhat helpful... hope someone else can chime in

and as for aditional information, choose a perfect location! sounds like its obvious but i dont really think it is.. consider how long the spot is a day in direct sun, is it under alot of trees where you'll be netting out leaves every day? etc. etc.. think it all out.. id imagine it being worse to move a pond then to initialy set it up and ofcourse do your homework and research so you go in fully prepared. goodluck!
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