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I usually let nature take its course with platy fry in a community tank, but this time when I found 2 of them, I thought it might be cool to see if I could raise them. I actually ended up donating the 2 adult males I had him my main tank because they were chasing the females around so much I never saw them. I am about 60-70% sure the mother is my Red wag platy who was always chases around by my Male sunburst Platy. She was and still is very plump. However I also had a gold twinbar platy in the tank for only a month, but maybe he "got a hold of her." The only other parent I would suspect could be my very dull sunset Female "High-fin" Platy who still has a very red gravid spot.

Right now my fry are in a 2 gallon storage container, fully cycled, with a sponge filter, heater, gravel etc. Their growth and pigmentation took quite a while but I swear in the last 5 days or so they have doubled in size. They are now between .50-.75 inches. I have some pictures. One is clearly more orange than the other, while one is more yellow. They both appear to have sail-fins... or could they just be baby high fins? Hard to tell. Any idea what variety they could be?

[/url]2014-11-24 01.27.40 by kmac325xi, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url]2014-11-24 01.28.59 by kmac325xi, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url]2014-11-24 01.30.35 by kmac325xi, on Flickr[/IMG]

As exciting it is to raise fry, it actually its coming at a terrible time. For about 3 weeks now I am batting some sort of bacterial disease that has already claimed 2 of my Boesmani Rainbowfish in my 56 Gallon tank, and has caused some tail and fin rot in my tank as well as crusty lips. While I think I might be getting a handle on the situation, these guys are nowhere near ready to go into the main tank yet. I have been VERY careful about cross- contamination. At the same time, I don't want to stunt their growth in the 2 gallon bin. At what point should I consider something bigger. I also know for sure that when these guys are ready to go into the main tank, my Black Veiled Angelfish who is pretty docile will definitely have to go into the 56 gallon tank. I just hope my blood parrot does not try to kill him :shock:

So any idea of what size bin these fry should be in now? Thanks!

oh... also, I have started to introduce a little flake food in combination with the Hickari First bites. They doe eat it.. Anything else I can begin to put in their diet?
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