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Dear Members,

Chat Room Rules

No Profanity or Disguised Profanity:
Profanity of any sort is strictly prohibited. This includes obvious symbols and mis-spelt words that suggest profanity.

Absolutely no nudity:
Please keep in mind that there are minors on this website. Anyone violating this rule will be banned from the site immediately. No links to nude photos or pornographic websites etc...

No harassing other users:
Harassing any other users in any way or form is strictly prohibited. We try to keep a family friendly and helpful environment here. If you are looking for a cyber partner, try finding a chat room elsewhere on the Internet, this is not the place!

No fighting or Name Calling:
You are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a member, please take it private and discuss via Private Message. If there is an issue on the forum please use the Members Discuss with Moderators section, this section can only be seen with yourself and the Moderators.

No flooding or unnecessary repetition:
Interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, repetitive typing or other forms of flooding is strictly prohibited. This makes it hard for other chatters to continue their conversation and will not be tolerated in the chat room.

No racial, religious, political, or sexually inflammatory language:
Racism and prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. Please treat other members with respect as much as you want to be respected.

No posting of private contact information:
We ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail address, phone numbers and home addresses. If you do so, you do this at your own risk and release from any and all responsibility.

No advertising other websites or businesses:
Absolutely no spamming! No advertising of other websites or services will be allowed unless granted permission to do so.

No illegal activity, as per real life.
This includes any discussion of narcotics legal or illegal, it is strictly prohibited. Any activities on this site that are illegal in your own country, state or community are not allowed. Please be mindful of this as such activities within this site can be provided as transcripts to authorities as required.

Any discussion pertaining to the smuggling of fish into countries, states or communities is strictly prohibited. Please be mindful of this as such activities within this site can be provided as transcripts to authorities as required.

If you are harassed in anyway or see someone breaking the chat room rules, please PM a Moderator if there isn't one in the chat room and inform them of the situation. Moderators can be found in one of three ways, on the Main forum page, on the CURRENT ACTIVE USER list, they are the users whos' names appear in BOLD. By clicking View Forum Leaders, any Moderator online will have a Green circle next to their name.
Moderators in chat are those users with an M in the blue chat bubble next to their name.

Private Messaging
Users wishing to engage in a Private message can do so, by clicking the blue speech bubble next to the person they wish to engage in Private message with. Only one person at a time can be chatted with in a box, although there is no limit as to how many PM boxes you may have open.

If you are found breaking the rules of chat:
If you are "kicked" from the chat room:
You cannot return for a period of 5 minutes, this cannot be changed, so please dont Private Message the moderator who kicked you.

You may still PM a moderator while kicked to discuss what you did incorrectly, although please DO NOT message a moderator to be allowed back in, the moderators cannot control this and you have to wait for the 5 minutes to expire.

If you are banned from the chat room:

If you have been banned, chances are that you violated a major rule, violated multiple rules or continued to violate any given rule after you had been repeatedly warned and kicked before.

A moderator will include a message in the Ban stating why you are banned.

Whether you are kicked or banned for any given violation is at the discretion of the chat room moderator. All Chat room bans are for a duration deemed appropriate by the moderators, but repeat offenders may face a permanent ban.

Users who are familiar with the chat room rules will likely receive more serious action against them for violation what they know is a rule as opposed to a new user who is unfamiliar with the rules.

No member, be it a user / forum moderator should be exempt to any of the above rules.
Moderators at their sole discretion may allow some leeway in the above rules, although this should not be taken as allowed all the time. It should be deemed to be allowed at the time of the conversation taking place.

Members are allowed to have frustrations, opinions although as a community be respectful to other members. There is a REPORT button within chat should you deem a conversation to have overstepped the mark in terms of what is "friendly". This will be reported to the Moderator team and subsequent action MAY be taken as deemed appropriate by the Moderating team, this is not limited to a warning, infraction posted on your personal profile, if serious enough a ban from chat.

A private message will ALWAYS be sent either from the forum Administrator or from a Moderator as to the reason of you being warned / banned, infractioned, after the fact as a report was submitted.

The rules are posted to make chat an enjoyable place for users to congregate and discuss matters not normally discussed in areas of the forum.

Thank you

The Team.
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