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Family: Tropheus Moori

Common Name: Blunthead Cichlid

Origin and Habitat: Its found in Tanganyika, East Africa


Tropheus Diet

Vegetables, Spiriluna based foods, usually feed on algs in their nature .be aware of not feeding them with high protein contained foods


Water parameters for Tropheus

The Tropheus should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 74 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 8.3.


Bemba's are one of the variants of Tropheus sp. Basically they are called orange flame because of its color. Must be fed as a colony. Due to colony ,tanks must be at least 150(L)*60(h)*60(w) (unit of cm) Preferred one colony because of probability of cross-breeding among same family. These fished are Herbivours. Be carefuul about feeding because feeding them with high protein proportion foods may cause BLOAT. This illness is common among Tropheus family. and may cause death of fish. Preferred water parameters are PH: 8.3-9.5, KH:11-15 Temp: 76-80 F . Prepare tank with two or more rock piles for alpha male. Because alpha male may hurt other males if it owns only pile in tank. Advice : own 1 male 3 or 4 male proportion (ex. 2 m 8 f)
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