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Transshipping.. Is it worth it?

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:arrow: I am thinking of getting a betta from aquabid and I was wondering... Is transshipping worth it? I do know how it costs more but it seems like the majority of people on aquabid are in thialand. If you think transshipping is worth it, do you have any recommendations? Who is the best us transshipper? Thanks! All of my previous bettas have been from pet stores, so I am new at ordering and shipping bettas. :p
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What country are you in?
Ok, I don't know any names then. I would say yes, if it's a unique, one-of-a-kind betta only.
Ok! Thanks for your opinion! There are so many beautiful and unique bettas on aquabid :-D
If you still want the one of a kind and not deal w.the transhipper and are in the US. I would looked at ilovebettas on ebay. That is were I got my little guy. They are super helpful and great convo during bidding, after bidding and even weeks later after you your new betta. I had to have them hold my betta for about a week since my tank was about 1 work late. I would recommend this seller and buy from again. They all have the imported one. The link is below. I hope it helps. Oi was looking onto the transmitter but i wanted quicker and i didn't know anything about it so i looked and found this. Hope it helps. Here is some pic of my little guy


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He's beautiful! Thanks for recommending someone!
Thank you :) and your welcome. I looked the other day and they had some very pretty ones that i wish my husband would let me have another tank.
I know! Some how the breeders that aren't in the us have stunning photos! :-D
I know that was why I was happy I found them.
He's got a huge tail! It is beautiful!
Yea he does have a big tail and likes to show off. Thank you
Welcome :-D ilovebettas auctions get high! There is one at about $50!
Yea but it includes shipping. I paid $56 for him
Oh! Ok thanks!
They pack really good! One of the best I've seen
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