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While I do agree that Top Fin isn't the best brand out there for aquarium products, it is not nearly as terrible as you make it out to be.

1. Bad quality tanks, i had to return a tank since there were some chips and scratches plus the silicone wasnt tight enough so i had a bit of a leak the first time i filled it
This was only one defective tank, it's a stretch to call all of their tanks terrible from just one. Furthermore, Top Fin tanks have a lifetime warranty. Petsmart has a pretty lenient return policy and will gladly exchange it for a new one. If it ever leaks in the future, call the manufacturer and they'll replace it.

2. Bad quality filters, my filter says its rated at 100gph, it was somewhere in the 20's, i run the outake into a 1/2 gallon container, i time it and when its full i do some simple math and determain the outake
Top Fin filters are manufactured by Tetra, the same people who make the Whisper line of power filters. That being said, they are made mostly for beginners who don't want to spend a ton of money on something they're not sure they'll like. Of course they aren't going to be the best, but they are by no means bad. I use a Top Fin 10 on my 10 gallon tank with a Spotted Climbing Perch and 2 Peppered Corys and have had no trouble with cloudy water, algae, or odor. Top Fin filters have a lifetime guarantee so if anything breaks, take it back.

Also, when most filters have their outputs gauged, they are measured with no media. This leads to inflated values.

3. Bad quality heaters, they have a long history with failing heaters, sticking in the on position and overheating tanks
This I agree with. Their heaters have a tendency to stick and I never recommend them.

4. Bad quality food, look at the nutrition value and compare it to good food companies like hikari or tetramin, even the petsmart employees say its bad
Comparing Top Fin to Hikari is like comparing a Big Mac to prime rib. Again, it's economy food made for beginners.

5. Bad quality ornaments, there dyed ornaments and colored gravel lose color in the tank, although not fast enough to harm fish, enough to make the gravel look ugly after a few months
In all of the tanks I've owned, I've never noticed gravel losing color. All of mine is still as green/blue/black as the day I bought it. Same goes for the ornaments.

I believe you. I recently read that Petsmart does not give their rodents the proper veterinary care they need when the animals are sick. Go to their aquariums and you will find lots of dying and dead fish too. Those poor fish are at the point of no return and should be euthanized and disposed of properly.
I'm not sure where you read that, but I can assure you as a former employee that the statement about their rodents is completely false. It's their policy to make sure each animal that is sick gets veterinary care as soon as a problem is noticed. This goes for everything from the $4 mice to the $200 chinchillas.

This section is for posts about personal experience with a specific product (not a product line, unless you have personally tried every product in the line and can comment on each). Please do not make generic statements such as "I heard about this" or "I read about that". We want to hear about your personal experience with the product or service you are posting about.
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