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Today I am going to pick up my 50 hex that I have been talking about
for a while. It's a ugly white color (the trim part) so i am going to spray paint it Black later on tonight. I also am not going to set it up until I buy a stand for it. which I will do In the next few days.

To cycle I am going to use my Platties...and my filter cartridge from my already established 10 gallon to get some Benificial Bacteria.

Stocking Scheme:(needs Help)
I already know I want a few angels and thats all I got so far.....
Any Ideas for the Scheme will help.

Thanks in Advance.

(Yes, I know I have asked this Many times in the past but this is for Real now)

Oh and Pictures will be posted of the entire process.

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well you could fit about 35 inches of fish mass there, is it a tall hex or a long hex since its all about surface area....

2 angelfish (8 inch mass, total of 16 inch mass)
3 platies (2 inch mass, total of 6 inch mass)
4 bolivian rams (3.5 inch mass, total of 14 inch mass)

thats what you should get. angels will be top-mid dwellers, platies will be more mid dwelling but also all round tank. Rams bottom dwelling. 36 inch mass, its perfect :)
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