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Hey guys!
Heres the story. Its kind of long, bare with me lol. I got into fish keeping again a little over a month ago and now I have one snail tank, 4 bettas tanks and 1 guppy tank.

When I bought the guppies I got them from petco, I bought 8 males who came down with cotton mouth first day home...out of 8 males 2 lived! I now have them in a 3.5 gallon glolight tank in brackish water and they are doing great, never any sign of disease in these 2 guys. I recently posted on FB that I was thinking about selling them because I want to start a freshwater community (non brackish) tank and and I kind of dont have the time to care for all of these tanks! and someone responded asking to buy them. She has a brackish molly tank.

Yesterday however before I saw her offer to buy them I went out and bought them an evolve 8 tank. I was planning on planting it with java and anubias as ive heard those plants can handle salty water conditions.

Now I have the 8 gallon tank (which I can return).

So my question is...should I sell them or keep them?

If I sell them they will be in a 45 gallon tank with mollies in brackish water, I cant help but think they will be happy with all the space and friends! But I also dont want them to get sick or eaten by the mollies after beating the odds with cotton mouth!

Any thoughts?
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