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Family: Mastacembelidae

Common Name: Tire Track Eel

Origin: They are found in India, Myanmar, Thailand and the entire Malay Peninsula.

Compatibility/Temperament: 3

Tire Track Eel Diet

Tire track eels are primarily carnivores relishing on insects, worms and vegetation. They prefer a diet of live and fresh frozen foods however they can be trained to wean on dried and freeze-dried foods.


Water parameters for Tire Track Eel

The Tire Track Eel should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 7.


Tire track eel is one of the most popular spiny eel. One look at it and it is easy to perceive how it got its name. Aside from the fact that this eel has a unique color pattern, it is readily available in the aquarium trade. Its body is elongated with a long snout. Both the dorsal and anal fins are extended and join the caudal fin.

It is not considered a true eel but its body features definitely make it look a lot like the eels. This eel grows far too large reaching 28 inches at most for most small aquaria however a 50 gallons would be the bare minimum when keeping one. If you wish to keep "monster fish", then this fish is definitely for you. Most monster fish are far too large and most average home aquaria cannot accommodate even a single one whereas tire track eels in comparison will often fit in a home aquaria.

This fish is largely nocturnal and will shy away if not provided with enough hiding places. Fine substrate, pipes and terracotta pots often make a suitable environment for this fish as tire track eels love to bury themselves underneath with only its head vaguely visible.

This fish is often found to be peaceful and may ignore other tankmates, however, smaller tankmates are definitely out of the question as tire track eels have a tendency to prey on smaller specimens.

When treating for diseases, copper-based solutions should be avoided at all costs. This fish is one of the few scaleless fish that will not respond well to copper traces.

Tire track eels have not been bred in captivity.

Provide a tight fitting lid for the aquaria as tire track eels, like all other spiny eels, are excellent escape artists.

they love to hide under rocks so give them alot of hiding spaces.
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