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Tiny snail infestation... how to get rid of them?

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Lately my tank has been riddled with a somewhat daily snail infestation. Every morning I kill at least 10 snails (by squishing them), only to find another 10 the next day. They obvisouly came in on a plant that I didn't clean well enough, even though I rinse all my new plants well!...
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Reviving an old thread... Until last night I've been squishing the snails by hand every couple of days. However I thought I'd give the old lettuce leaf in the jar ago and... it hasn't worked :-( I woke up this morning and only a couple of my shrimp and 1 snail were eating the lettuce (I'd blanched it and everything). So should I try another vegetable or do I have to go back to squishing??
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The #1, 100% sure-fire way to rid yourself of snails is to break down the tank, soak everything in a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to 20 parts water) for 10 minutes and then rinse it all until it no longer smells of bleach and put everything back. Your plants you will want to only dip for 3-5 minutes, though, as not to fry them.
Hmmm I'd rather not use bleach, I'm very sensitive to it and my tank contains shrimp which are near impossible to catch!
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Assassin snails are the best.
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Unfortunately Assassins aren't available in Australia :-(
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Oh, what size tank is it? What else is in it?
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It's 30L (10 gallon) and I have one male betta and a dozen or so Red Cherry Shrimp, mostly juvenile, as well as several live plants.
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You could get some laoches! Angelica, zebras, or dwarfs. They will destroy the snails. I have yoyos and they dont really go after snails. But they are young and get plenty of other foods. So that is probably why.
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Isn't my tank way too small for loaches? I've read on other sites that loaches need at least 20 gallons and can grow up to 10cm long... My tank is only 45 x 20 cm
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O sorry i looked fast and only saw 30. I thought it was a 30 gallon. Not the dwarf though, they stay small and are pretty cool. Just make sure you get 3+
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A lot of the dwarf loaches don't eat snails though.
You also can't only keep 3 loaches. It's all (6+) or nothing.

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You can keep 3 loaches.
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You can but it will provide the stress of an inadequate shoal.
3 is fine. 6 is better.
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Or you can use Cucumber tied to a string, leave it in over night and then take it out in the morning before lights on and there should be plenty of snails on it! Then throw away slice and snails.

There are snail traps you can make too :)
Botia yoyo (dwarf loach) is small enough and they eat snails. Or dwarf puffer. I used botia yoyo to hunt for snails in my 19G tank.

But since there are shrimps, they will mostly choose shrimps over snails.

It was also almost impossible to catch the loaches after the snails' gone. They were very fast! I ended up take out everything and left a bit of water before I could catch the loaches.
I took them out with my hands put some snails in a container filled with water to see them breed then I'm gonna throw them out the window once i have like 50 snails
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