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Hey folks so I am completely lost on this issue. I've been a hobbyist for probably 25 years.

I have two tinfoil barbs. I know they can typically live a long time. They are now about 4 years old. They are in a 60 gallon tank 24hx48w. With two blood parrot fish, they all get along pretty much for the most part.

1 of the barbs has lost a lot of weight. It's not sluggish and there are no other signs of distress that I can identify.

I've checked the chart and there are a lot of possible diseases that cause the weight loss but the other fish are doing really well and as I said I can't identify any other issues with this barb.

You know when you see a friend who has lost a ton of weight, so much that they don't look healthy. Even though they may be. That's what this fish looks like. Any advice?
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