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No to that specific question, but the take up of nutrients is a bit more involved.

Aquatic plants have very specific needs for 17 nutrients in relative proportion. An excess of some nutrients can cause the plant to "shut down" assimilation of certain other nutrients. I won't bog things down on this point, but move on.

As for nitrogen, most aquatic plants prefer ammonium, and they will take this up [provided all other necessary nutrients are available, and light is sufficient to drive photosynthesis] until it is exhausted. Only then will they turn to other forms of nitrogen--and again only if everything else is still sufficient--and studies indicate their next preference is nitrite. Only after this (i.e., ammonium and nitrite are exhausted) will they then turn to nitrate--and again provided everything else is still available.

The reason is the inward workings of the plant. Ammonium is easiest to assimilate, requiring minimal effort. Nitrite requires more effort from the plant, and nitrate even more. This is because both nitrite and nitrate have to be converted by the plant back into ammonium, and this takes considerable energy.

There are some aquatic plants that do take up nitrate better, but they are few. And before you ask, I would have to dig through my research to name them.:)

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