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Recently I've been wanting to make a patio pond, or water pot or whatever people call them, similar to this:

Water Pots - Burke's Backyard

I live in Melbourne, Australia so I need to consider the types of plants and fish that will survive in this kind of set up considering the weather here can get crazy (it can be like 5 deg. C in winter and up to 30+ deg. C in summer). I've also never attempted anything like this before. I have a couple of betta fish tanks at home that I've had running for a few years, so I'm not a novice to fish keeping, just to outdoor ponds.

So far I've guessed that I'll need the following:

Pot (at least 110 litres)
Silicon (if required)
Potting mix
Water pump
Stand/trolley (in case I need to move the pot)
Plants – no idea what to start with, water lilies and grasses?
Fish – I'm thinking either a couple of goldfish, or a group of minnows or pygmy perch could work?
Fish food (live and pellet form)

I've got quite a few questions about this:

Would fish be able to live in this kind of setup?
Do I need water conditioner for a pond?
Do I need a filter?
Do I need a heater for the winter?
Do you need to 'cycle' a pond before adding fish?
How often will I need to change the water?

Any pointers would be much appreciated!
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