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A 10g will give you more options than a 5g, but it is still very limited. It is sometimes difficult to imagine that a group of 7-8 "small" fish will be too much for a 10g, but fish are sold in stores when they are very young, juveniles, since this is less expense for the hatchery; and we forget they will (or should) grow, and different species need space for swimming if they are active, natural behaviours, etc. Not to mention the water quality that will always be easier to maintain the larger the tank with the fewer and smaller fish.

If you could indicate your water parameters out of the tap, namely GH (hardness) and pH, it will help us narrow down the possibles. As others have mentioned, the issue with smaller fish that suit these tanks is frequently specific water parameters. The basic run-of-the-mill fish like many of the tetra--and the Glofish mentioned--are not suitable in anything under a 2-foot tank. But there are many that are, depending upon parameters.

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