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I pretty muh took the same approach with the exception that I tried to make sure I didn't have anything that required alot of bright light. I stuck anacharis bunches in each back corner - behind driftwood and rocks, some java fern at the end of a log, two different types of anubias in front of another, come cardinal plant and undulata (?) in the middle. I came home tonight and two of the undulata were pulled up and one of the anubias. Two plants have nibbles in them. :( They will pester them if they're floating but generally leave them alone when planted. Problem is, my catfish will mow them over or the gar will if they panic. Can't plant anything near their favorite burrow spots or they don't stay planted long, How is your tank doing? Tried planting duck weed but they ate it before it had a chance to grow.
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