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Okay so about 3 weeks ago I established the first part of my 55 gallon africani cichlid tank,

My current stock is..

Pair of strawberry peacocks
Pair of cyno Afras
3 cobalt zebra
3 red zebra
3 yellow belly alberts
Trio of adult leleupi

This tank has been running well for about a month with no aggression and actually some breeding.

I was wondering If I could add another trio, or some pairs of mbuna?

Like a pair of kingsizei, hongi, trewasae, or johanni, or maybe some Victorians... This would be the finishing touch to my aquarium, and Id really appreciate some advice :)

Thanks for all help :)

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Having not listened to any of the advice I gave you...SORRY but you are going to have problems!
Lake Malawi species are NOT pairing fish. They are harem fish, which means you need 1 Male to several females.

You have a really bad mix of fish there for a 55g tank...sorry but cannot put it any other way.

OK, so the Pair of strawberry peacocks - NOT GOOD as you should not mix mbuna with peacocks.
Pair of cyno Afras - if they are both male or a male / female they will fight / harass the female to the point of death nearly.
3 cobalt zebra - Should not be mixed with the Red Zebra as it will cause aggression
3 Red Zebra - Same as above but will be extremely aggressive towards the cobalts.
3 yellow belly alberts - Aggressive when spawning and will not do well with the zebras and will probably kill the peacocks.
Trio of adult leleupi- A pair would be better as they also get aggressive when spawning and if you have a pair the odd one out with be in for big problems.

You have three different lake combinations there and as such you will have keep a very close eye on water parameters, not only that, your fish need very specific diets and what is good for some, will not be good for the others.

ABSOLUTELY NO TO ADDING - kingsizei, hongi, trewasae, or johanni, - all aggressive and will start WW3 in about 5 minutes after you add them to the tank.

I would not add anymore fish until your fish mature a little longer, see how the aggression goes in about 4-5 months and then you can think about adding other fish. Even if the fish are juveniles now, once they hit maturity, all hell has the potential to break out.

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