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I had been keeping Thomas for about 6 months, the longest living of my goldfish (sad isn't it). He had seen 4 other goldfish in his life, 2 of them had passed. He was the healthiest and strongest of my goldfish (2.5 inches long at the time). I developed a kind of bond with this goldfish (although it may seem silly). I woke up one morning to find both sides of Thomas bloated. I had noticed this the day before but had thought nothing of it, but now it was huge. Thomas was still swimming but gasping for breath. I had read earlier a list of goldfish diseases just in case. I ran across this list and found the menacing disease known as Dropsy. Little did I know that my own fish would fall victim to dropsy.

I was closely watching my Red Ryukin Thomas and noticed his agility decreasing and his belly swelling larger. I removed the other fish Newton from the 56 gallon tank and put him into a 10 gallon tank temporarily. I then treated the water in Thomas's Tank with some Melafix. Every day I would treat the water with Melafix, soak peas in Melafix and feed him them. We also removed the Carbon cartridge in our filter. His condition kept getting worse and worse his bloating continued. Within 3 days he couldn't eat, within 5 he couldn't move. His scales painfully stuck out of his body like a pinecone in winter. I was almost ready to end his suffering and euthanize him. Then a miracle happened. He pooped. Now you may be asking, "What does that have to do with this?"

Dropsy causes failure of the kidney and other vital organs, and you require organs to poop. So that meant that his digestive organs were working. Steadily with the water treatment and 5 percent water changes everyday he recovered. But there was one problem, the tank was infested with parasites. The problem practically went away on its own with a little help from melafix. Newton was reintroduced into Thomas's Tank and they immediately swam to each other (happy to see each other???). Thomas was fine for the next week, after that week I went on vacation for a week leaving the fish with a goldfish feeder. Since the vacation house was only 30 minutes away from my home I checked up on the fish every 2 days.

The goldfish feeder I had given them was supposed to feed 5-7 medium goldfish for 4 days and was gobbled up by 2 small goldfish in 2 days. After that I didn't feed them for the rest of the week. When I returned from my vacation about 3 weeks after Thomas's diagnosis, Thomas's left side had a large lump. I was worried about this lump and researched, it could have been a tumor, bacterial infection or the return of dropsy. With one dose of melafix the lump slowly disappeared.

It's about 1 and a half months after the dropsy incident and he seems to have fully recovered. Other than a small outbreak of ich which was quickly treated nothing happened. A new goldfish was added to the tank, Sammy a black moor. One of his scales are missing and even though Thomas survived he wasn't quite the same energetic, agile fish. I would stick my finger in the tank sometimes for fun and Thomas would come up and peck at it (eating the oils of my skin :p). That same peck feels weaker now.

The real question(s) I'm asking is:
1. Has Thomas been fully treated, will dropsy return?
2. What were his odds of survival with the treatment I have him? (I think it's a miracle he survived considering the things I've read about people treating their goldfish)
3. Is his lifespan/immunity to disease affected by dropsy?
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