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The life of Ogoun .. A lil frilly

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I think it's time to chronicle the life of my beloved little male frilled dragon .. Ogoun. He is the most adorable tiny frilled dragon I was so lucky to acquire almost 7months ago . From the moment I received him I knew something was wrong. He was the tiniest frilled dragon I'd ever seen at the age he was estimated to be (6-9months old) . I call him my pocket frilly.

He won my heart with his cute little spunk . Little guy would frill and show off from the beginning at anything . Fast forward to a month after getting him. Found little Ogoun had parasites which isn't abnormal in frilled dragons but also found tapeworm which is highly abnormal . Indicates a possibly wild caught frilled dragon . Fast forward again... He responded well to 2 rounds of meds and no longer has parasites yet still wasn't growing . Finally putting together he was growth stunted I kept a close eye then have in and got a blood test done . Have in the last couple months deduced my cutie baby has a kidney malfunction... And now possibly the early onset of metabolic bone disease due to that .

He's managed to steal our hearts during all of this drama . My darling Ogoun is mainly syringe fed and also takes 3 meds to help his condition along with syringe liquids to help hydrate . I know his time will come very early as compared to a healthy frilled dragons life expectancy . His struggles are mine and I love him .. As his time dwindles I decided it's time to give him his own thread to watch him in hopes of raising awareness of such health issues and to just give him his time in the spotlight .

And now time for pics

This first pic is of him coming home last fall for the first time
Child Forehead Nose Baby Cheek

First time we met

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Ogouns first outing

Hair Shoulder Neck Blond Electric blue

An afternoon with his "sister " Zanj.

Reptile Lizard Scaled reptile Gecko Dragon lizard

My little filled dragon around Christmas
Mehndi Nail Hand Finger Pattern

And my little luv bug today .

Carving Sculpture Tree Wood Art

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