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TFK Faithful,

For starters, thanks again for making this one of the best fishkeeping forums on the world wide web! It is because of all your expertise and friendliness that we can accomplish so much with newcomers and seasoned fishkeepers alike. You have always stepped up and made this one of the most informative and helpful places to come in times of aquatic distress.

We here at TFK listened to a lot of your suggestions, and mixed in a few ideas of our own and -voila!- change happened!

With a lot of feedback calling for some type of 'Advanced' area, admin Yung has created just that in both the Saltwater and Freshwater areas. This will be an area where we can both discuss (or even debate) more intricate and controversial fishkeeping methods. To compliment this new area, in both the saltwater and freshwater areas, there is also a 'Beginner Aquarium' area. This is a place that we can discuss the basics of fishkeeping such as simple filtration and cycling, and aid newcomers in the hobby with their questions.

To help bring the community together, we brought all your 'Picture and Videos' areas down to the 'Tropical Fish Keeping Community' area and socked them right under the 'Aquarium Photography' area. We also renamed them the 'Journals', so these threads can be a dedication to the hard work and love you put into the glass box of water you try so hard to keep beautiful. The 'Aquarium Photography' master forum will be used for more pictures that aren't attached to a journal, such as trips to the local aquariums or a friend's tank, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or compliments, we encourage you to use either the Members Discuss with Moderators section, or the TFK Suggestions and Feedback section, both located in the 'Tropical Fish Keeping Community' section of the forum. This is a good place to bring your feedback on the recent realignment and we will do our best to respond to each and every post in these sections.

Because of the increased amount of traffic lately, we strongly encourage all members to check in using the 'Unanswered Posts' function at the top of the screen and help out wherever you can. Considering that it may take a few of us a bit of time to adjust to the location of our favorite forums, this will be especially helpful so that we can steer our more experienced members toward these unanswered threads.

Again, we here at TFK want to extend a huge THANK YOU! to all the members that have stepped up and helped out amongst both the shuffling and changes that have taken place over the past few months, but especially in the past few weeks. We appreciate all you have done and are certain that we couldn't do it without you. Thanks again.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the appropriate channels. We take all your feedback very seriously and know that together we can make this forum this best darn fish forum out there!

-The TFK Team :-D
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