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Dear TFK / BF Community,

We would like to give you an update of some exciting changes and additions to the forum(s) that the leadership team has in store for the entire community.

We will be realigning the forum categories and/or creating new forum areas with specific topics in mind. We have taken your recent feedback into account (thanks again for using our new TFK Suggestions & Feedback forum) and we are excited to implement some form of these suggestions. You will see the realignment in the weeks to come.

We have created a Reference Team to serve TFK & BF. The mandate of the Reference Team is to focus their efforts on providing sound scientific and practical advice in all matters concerning fish keeping to every member new and old, regardless of their experience.

The Reference Team are not moderators and have ZERO ability to influence the day-to-day moderation of the community. They are here to serve and be the resident knowledge based members on the site. In due time, we will introduce the members of the Reference Teams to you.

Now for some not so exciting news; you may have heard through the grapevine that our long-standing moderator Byron has resigned from the moderator team. Byron is a valued member, not just of the moderator team but even more so in the TFK community. His knowledge and willingness to help any and everyone will definitely be missed. You are welcome to contact him via PM if you need to get in touch with him as we have been informed that he will still be checking his PMs.

On the flip side, we are actively recruiting to expand our Moderator team and to fill the Reference Team. We know that there are many wonderful, knowledgeable and people-friendly users here on TFK that are ripe for filling one of these posts. We are making considerations based on how you interact with the community along with your knowledge base on all things fish. Since we already have a few members in mind, please refrain from nominating yourself or others, but remember that being courteuos and friendly in the community can always influence our decisions.

Lastly, we feel it important to mention that we have certain moderators that are assigned to either our parent site: or the sister site: Since these two sites have such a different member base, we felt it more appropriate to have a team of moderators for each forum, instead of an all-encompassing team trying to tackle issues for both sites. This allows moderators to focus more on the issues that directly affect the site they are more active on.

For TFK, please contact:


And for Bettafish, please contact:

SeaHorse (Jakiebabie)

The TFK/BF leadership team is committed more than ever to see this community grow and flourish. You will see us more active in the community than ever before (although our Admin's participation is limited by the fact that he has very very little experience with fish keeping) and we will always do our best to address technical and non-technical related questions you may have.

See you around in the community and happy fish keeping!

TFK / BF Team

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Awesome, are we allowed to nominate people to be asked to be on the reference team?
Oops, the answer is in the main post, I just got too excited to read it right. I hope we will be able to nominate people in the future. Some of the really knowledgeable people hide in the corners of the forums and might not catch the attention of everyone, but they have lots of specific info about particular fish or aquarium topics and deserve to be recognized :p

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Byron will be sorely missed. His evidence based postings have been a great help to me.

It must have taken an enorrmuss (sp) amount of effort and time for him to be able to provide the advice he did. Many thanks!!!!!
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