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Hi everyone,

I'm setting up my first large aquarium, 219 Liters or 58 Gallons. The dimensions are 125cm length, 50cm height and 35cm depth.

I have kept a 50L tank successfully for many years with a couple of Corydoras and Danios but I have no idea really how to stock my big tank.

I'd like to have a large school of Corydoras Sterbai and Odessa barbs and maybe some danios or Rummy nose tetras. I was also thinking I'd like a couple of bigger fish as feature fish maybe Congo Tetras or a couple Gourami of some kind? Cichlids have been suggested to me as well but I am unsure about them, I have heard they can be aggressive and a bit difficult to care for.

I'm not sure how many fish I can keep in a tank of this size. (I know roughly its a inch of fish per a Liter). Filtration isn't an issue because I like to keep my tanks over filtered rather then under. (I have both and internal and external canister filter running).

Thanks in advance for any help :smile2:
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