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My tank has had 8 xray tetras since July 30th it is a 30gal Oceanic Cube I have done 1 5 gallon bucket water change every week since the 3rd week. Fish are active swimming around a few chasing each other, but doesn't look like anything damaging. They are getting more and more use to feeding and all but 2 of them come up to the surface to grab food while I am around.(Other 2 wait for filter to push it down into the tank) The fish seem fairly comfortable and will come up to the glass now while I am close.

My question is did I cycle my tank? Can I add more fish :D? I poured 2 bottles of safe-start in over 3 weeks. I took the filter out and drenched it in safe-start and poured it inside the filter all over as well since that's where bacteria develop. The fish are still alive after a month and 2 weeks so that's also a plus. I also put some dead coral from my buddies cycled tank into mine before I added the fish.
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