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musho3210 said:
todays test says the ammonia is at 1.0!! I think somethings very wrong here, im gonna do a major water change
I have been following this thread and have noted that you have modified you your original post 5 times in response to questions.

Yes: you are correct that there is something wrong.

At 14 days you should observe a nitrite concentration since you have observed an ammonia concentration.

I am not familiar with you filtration products or test kit which you are utilizing but from the information which you have posted either:

1) the biological filtration in the filtration products is not functioning or

2) the test kit is old and yielding inaccurate results.

From the extent of your diligence I would speculate 1).

It would really help me to help you if you could post a photograph of your aquarium and the filtration products which you are employing.

Please note that IMHO at an ammonia concentration of 1.0 your fish suffering.

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