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40 gallon breeder, 78F, pool filter sand substrate, stacked rock all the way across the tank. Two twenty gallon HOB filters. Vallisneria, hornwort and some cryptocoyrne. I know the last isn't in Tanganyika. Inside heater. Two T5 24" tubes in a single light fixture, full glass top.
Three Tanganicodus, two Julies, 2" and 3" two adult multifaciatus, two 2" synodontis catfish, three immature 2" calvus. Trumpet snails.

The Tang gobies swim in a tight circle on a flat stone that is 2" above the substrate, and rub bellies. They appearing to be spawning in the manner of pencilfish. I haven't seen and eggs, milt, or full mouths.
Are they spawning?


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