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For "aquarium T5 bulb" what are the.....

A) Power Rating? in W
B) Colour Temperature Typ? in K
C) Luminous Flux? in lm
D) Luminous Flux Typ? in lm
E) Luminous Intensity Max? in lm

What exact information are you looking for? i saw your post but not sure how to answer! i'll try but bear with me i'm not sure what you are looking for.

A. depends on size of bulb. they have 24 inch (24 watt), 36 inch (39 watt), 48inch (54 watt), 60 inch (80 watt) bulbs

B. Many varying types of spectrum form many different manufacturer with too much to mention. This is what makes T5 very nice to use as you can custom pick your spectrum by the spectrum combo you select in the fixture.

C/D/E. Depends on the manufacturer and spectrum selected.

If you tell me what kind of corals, dimensions of the tank (especially depth), how many bulbs and type of fixture, whether you have single or individual bulb reflectors, spectrum you like to see the tank in i may be able to help with spectrum, bulb selection and information if your lighting setup can accomplish keeping the type of corals you desire.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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