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With regards to the heat treatment for ich:

... and popped it to 89 degrees, which is ridiculous

Heat will in fact speed up their life cycle and make them breed and grow faster, as well as die faster, but it wont kill them fast enough without a med to kill them with in there and doesn't seem to stop them from breeding.

so she doesn't like to be corrected but she loves to spout off incorrect and misleading information....

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I know nothing about Ich... I think we've had it 2 x in 40 years.
What IS the correct info because I don't know what is wrong here. Is it the raised temperature? or the speed at which she described raising it? I think you guys just have to find a way to correct the info without riling her up.
So if it was me, I would say something to talk about your experiences...

When I had ich this is what I did and what happened...
If it were my tank I would...
Stay away from "this is wrong" sort of thing... work around her just like you do "BB".
A 2nd RT can reinforce the correct information with a 2nd experience. Tag team it. I'm sure you know someone who can help... :lol:

Good Luck!!
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