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This morning I lost Swimmington, a balloon belly molly. Yesterday I lost her son, Lilo, a 9 month and 13 day old half black sailfin/half balloon belly molly. I don't know what the cause was - yesterday morning they each showed the same symptoms; laying on the bottom of the tank on their sides. I wish I had known what it was or what I could do to help them, but I didn't, and now they are gone.
I got Swimmington on May 31 of last year. She is named after one of the Goldfish characters. She always made me laugh because she would be resting mid-water in the back of the tank, and when she saw me walk up she would beeline to the front glass; it was the cutest thing. Because Swimmington was a balloon belly, when she was at the surface, her back would stick out of the water. Sometimes I would take one finger and gently rub that portion that was sticking out; she seemed to enjoy this. On May 26 of last year, I found 8 gorgeous molly fry. As the fry aged, I was able to determine that Swimmington was the mother. One of these fry was Lilo.
Lilo was extraordinary. He was the most fearless fish I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Lilo would be the only fish not afraid of my hands. I had to be really careful when working in my tank because he would swim right between my fingers - if I wasn't paying attention, I could squish him!
Both of these fish were very special to me, even though they were with me for only a short time. I wish that I had known a cure for the ailment that took their lives so quickly. They will forever be remembered and missed. Their colorful personalities touched every person who met them, and my tank will never be quite the same without them.
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