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Swapping filters between two tanks?

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I have two well established tanks right now. One is a 20L community tank while the other is a 10 gallon that only has a male betta. I figured out recently that I am wasting filtration capacity with each of my filters. The community has a filter good for 10 gallons while the betta has a filter for up to 20! Is it safe for me to trade filters between the two of them? I thought I was playing it safe having a lower capacity filter for the community since it has guppies, but I'm not sure now. I only have these two filters and do not want to spend extra for a third if I don't have to.
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You have a 5g (20L) tank as a community tank? What is the community made up of; type of fish & how many of each? I personnally would swap the fish/inhabitants rather than the filters if the 10g is sufficient for the stock.
Whoops, I meant 20 gallon long
Ahhh, yep that makes much more sense!! Swapping the filters shouldn't be a problem, you may see a slight hiccup in your cycle of the 20g because the filter from the 10g probably won't have sufficient BB for the bio-load of the 20g.
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