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I was thinking about using sand but I dont want to hurt the $140.00 filter I just bought... So what is a good looking gravel?? Ive seen some I really like but its for marine tanks... any sugestions would be great.. thanks
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That is only bad thing about sand, the tiny particles that the fish kick up will get sucked up into the impeller chamber. What I can tell you if you really want to go the sand route. Just clean out the filter bi-weekly and that should keep the sand from the impeller.
Is there any other way to clean the sand before putting it in the tank? I know using a new bucket and a hose pipe is the best way but I live in an appartment and dont have access to a hose pipe...
You can still use the bucket method without the hose pipe. Just stir it with your hand and spill the water but try to block the sand to prevent it from spilling. Then use the hand to put the sand in the tank.
Can I use the gravel vacum on the sand or will it suck it through?
So when I put the water in the tank for the first time add the water conditioner and amonia? or just the conditioner? then test it?
You can vacuum the sand. Just try to vacuum it by positioning the siphon in a slant manner to prevent direct sucking of the sand.
You must add the conditioner of course. Then add ammonia to 5ppm. You have to test it to ensure you have reached 5 ppm.
By the way, I have updated the Fishless Cycling sticky.
Just follow the instructions and you should be fine.
Good luck.
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