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Substitute Pre-Filter for Tetras

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I'm planning to buy some tetras, mainly neon or cardinal, sometime this weekend to go with my Male Betta in my 20gal tank, but my main concern is my power filter because it is strong enough to suck anything small enough through the vent like small fish and shrimp. The problem is that the local Walmart doesn't sell any and I'm trying to find a good enough substitute for one. I remember seeing on Youtube somebody using a big sponge that looks a bit like steel wool, if anybody knows what I'm talking about, let me know. Also if I can't get a decent enough answer by Monday, I'll buy either Black or Flame Tetras since they seem more bulky then the other two.
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I used a filter cartridge as a pre-filter on my 10 gallon. Just cut the foam side off, folded it in half, wrapped it around the intake and secured with a rubber band. I eventually switched to fishing line, but it worked.
fluval chi prefilter at petco $3.fits standard size intakes.
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