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Hi I'm new here but i saw this thread on stupid fish and had to comment.

I got two fantail goldfish from my local pet store about a year ago now, they were tiny, about an inch long, anyway as they got bigger i noticed that one of them had a kink on one side of its tail fin and it sort of flops about.
well to get to the point, as its tail is deformed it makes swimming gracefully a bit hard! as it wiggles side to side it doesn't seem to go anywhere until it uses its front fins to kind of doggy paddle through the water, as it turns it almost turns upside down too. I feel sorry for her (I think its a her as iv seen turbicals on the other fish) but she seems otherwise healthy and is still growing fast :)

oh and she likes to get stuck in plants and wiggles franticly trying to get free :p
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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