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Stupid Fish

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hey guys just got to tell you this
One of the scissor tails last night deicided to try and jump out of the tank.. but as the hood is really heavy, he hit the top with a right whack and fell back in the tank, he was swimming wobbley for abit but then seemed fine?...
got up this morning and he is dead, so he must have hit his head hard lol :lol: :lol:

just thought if anyone would like to post to this thread, anything on fish being stupid that would be great :D :D
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when i had my first tropical set up i had a kuhli loach who kept putting his head in the filter then one morning i got up and found him dead head first in the filter since then upgraded my tank and have got a kuhli loach who is happy to hide in the plants
well my catfish, zoidburg, always want to be up close with you. he swims around for hours on end without taking a break. i was watching my fish today and he swam from the back of the tank straight at me and banged his head on the glass LOL :lol:

at this aquarium, there is this cichlid ( flowerhorn i think ) called conan, and whenever i go near the tank he rams his head into the glass REALLY hard. i'm suprised his tank hasn't broken yet :lol:
My cichlids get extremely excited when I get near the tank because I usually feed them. You can almost see them wiggle in excitement, it's funny to watch and they school to the top in the area where the food usually drops.

My dwarf frog does strange acrobatics, even for a frog. He stands on his head, floats in the air stone bubbles, balances himself upright with his legs spread, etc. He actually jumped out of the tank at the pet store and started hopping across the floor even though he's 100% aquatic.

I had a betta once ages ago that wouldn't die. It had faced deathly circumstances it's entire life just from one mishap or another and it lived for over a year. Once I found the tank had been pushed on the floor when my home was broken into and the betta was lifeless on the floor. The cat (which for some reason adored that fish and never tried to harm it but loved to sleep curled around the bowl and would protect it from the other cats) was carrying on noisely while standing over it. I pulled it out of the carpet and threw it in some water while I tried to salvage the tank etc. The betta did a little gagging motion, spit out (cat!) hair, and lived many more moons. Bizarre!
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my zebra danios dont care when im in the room. BUt when i open there hood they all swim up to the top asking for food. It makes it really hard for me to siphon because tehre always in the tuby area. Luckily there fast swimmers
Lol...This thread is about stupid fishes.:checkedout:

I have this Cobalt Blue discus nipping my arm repeatedly while I go with siphoning the gravel. 'Tis very difficult for me to do my job with that wacky fish around.:shake:
lol my danios nip my freckels on my arm thinking it is food.
lol i have a silly frog too, hes swims up to get air then dives really fast and head butts the gravel!!! all of the fish get well excited if im anywhere near the tank and i get nipped severely if i put my hand in there!!!
Hi I'm new here but i saw this thread on stupid fish and had to comment.

I got two fantail goldfish from my local pet store about a year ago now, they were tiny, about an inch long, anyway as they got bigger i noticed that one of them had a kink on one side of its tail fin and it sort of flops about.
well to get to the point, as its tail is deformed it makes swimming gracefully a bit hard! as it wiggles side to side it doesn't seem to go anywhere until it uses its front fins to kind of doggy paddle through the water, as it turns it almost turns upside down too. I feel sorry for her (I think its a her as iv seen turbicals on the other fish) but she seems otherwise healthy and is still growing fast :)

oh and she likes to get stuck in plants and wiggles franticly trying to get free :p
danios for all there good points are not very smart 3 of mine lept out of the water and cooked on top of the striplight :shock:
daisycutter said:
danios for all there good points are not very smart 3 of mine lept out of the water and cooked on top of the striplight :shock:
What did you have for dinner that night?

My rams are starting to beg, they get all excited when im near and swim to the top even though they stay at the bottom most of the time. They are starting to accept me to hand feed them but the miss the food and always bite my hand, doesnt hurt but i dont think that was what they were looking for
my betta likes to be mean to me...and the one day i was siphoning the tank and he came over to attack me and got sucked up!

meh...hes such a butt.
Seems to me that frogs are pretty stupid creatures, mine spend ages stalking one particular bloodworm out of the many that fall to the floor when i feed the tank, creeping up really slowly then pouncing as if the worms were alive. If they both happen to pick the same worm to stalk then they end up having a massive tug of war contest, one of which went on for 10 mins! stupid frogs.
my betta is kinda stupid. he often like to treat a block of frozen bloodworms as an intruding fish. he gives it the flaring, and staring of a lifetime
I had a molly in a breeding trap for the past couple of days (waiting for deliverance) and she seemed so lonely - and that was just to us.

One of our Harlequins jumped into the breeding trap to keep her company.

Fish are bonkers!
juliewiegand said:
my betta is kinda stupid. he often like to treat a block of frozen bloodworms as an intruding fish. he gives it the flaring, and staring of a lifetime
The said betta has recently become quite angry at the gravel... :?
my male cremecickle molly keeps trying to copulate my fantail goldfish...while the female molly shamelessly showing off her belly to the male...
Hehe. This is a good thread.

When I was still siphoning water back into the tank, rather than using a pump, my danios liked to play in the stream of water coming INTO the tank. I would sit and watch them play, and then this one danio was so overzealous he swam right up the tube... after about 6 inches he got tired of the crampd quarters and let the water wash him out.. but it was quite nerve wracking!

My betta too likes to inspect the rocks. Swim. Stop. Stare. Swim, stop. STARE. etc. its very strange.
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