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Marineland's Penguin Filters don't do anything special for emergency shut off. If the motor is cutting out until it cools, this means that you're stressing the motor and likely doing damage. When they run too hot they "burn out". One way to find out if your motor is still working is to hold the motor part in your hand when you plug it in, feel for vibration and listen for any hum it would normally make.
As suggest by many, clean impellars, make sure magnets and shafts are in good condition. Those will usually need to be replaced at some point over a long period of use, and to make them last longer they should be cleaned at least once every few months.
HOB filters also need to be filled with water before plugging them in. Make sure the intake tube is submerged enough, your water topped off at top of tank, and give it a chance to work any air bubbles out. You may find that pouring more water into the top slowly will help to work the air bubbles out faster.
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