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So one week ago I posted about my cat shark acting funny.

He didn't make it through the night.

Then on Saturday I noticed one of my 3 albino cories dead. Yesterday evening I noticed a second one dead.

Everything else seems good.

A bit about my tank.
50 gallons

5 Angels
8 Black Neon Tetras
1 Albino Cory
3-5 Otocinclus Catfish (I can only ever see 3 at a time. They're really good hiders.)

Current readings
Ammonia- 1st reading was .5
2nd and 3rd were 0

NitrIte- 0
NitrAte- 10
pH- 6.6

I am planted. Today is cleaning day. This means that I will turn the filter off and scrub the algae off of all 4 sides then vacuum and remove about 20%-30% of water. Maybe more.

I have DIY co2 running. I have only seen an increase in algae. I get green algae on the glass. It is easily removable with a scrubbing pad. Also, on my crypts, some leaves are covered with a green algae almost like fur. This does not come off and the only way to get rid of it is to remove the leaves. This I don't do because they would be bald. Though the do grow back pretty quickly. The growth of the algae has not spread so I leave it alone. I dose once weekly with FlorinMulit and FlorinAxis. I also 6 Flourish Tabs throughout. Since co2 I have not seen any of that nasty thread algae. Lights are on for 8 hours. Somestimes 9 or 10 on WC days which are once ever 7-10 days. On my co2 I have an air-stone and this gets white slimy stuff all over it. I have the co2 directly into the tank. Today, I am going to try to make a "bubble counter" which will serve more to clean the bubbles and minimize the white slimy stuff. I have tried this before unsuccessfully so I will be skipping check valves. It seems that the co2 doesn't pass through the ones I purchased. When I shake the mixture I also noticed that this clear stuff comes from the air-stone. Not sure what this is but this is the only strange stuff that I have noticed.

I am going to get at least 2 more cories so the one left isn't stressed out. I notice that he is waaaay more sporadic since the other 2 have died. Also maybe 2 flagfish to eat the algae off the leaves. The otos aren't doing anything for algae control. Frankly, I am not even sure how they are still alive. I never see them eating any of the food I put in.

If anyone knows what might have caused the strange deaths any insight would be appreciated.
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