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Stocking sudqgestions

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What kind of small catfish can be kept in a 30 gallon tank? I am planning on having the temp. at 75 (f) and the PH around 7.0. I am keeping smaller fish in the tank so I dont want any fish that will gobble them up! I'm not keeping anything over 4.5 inches just to give you a range.
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Corys are one of the best substrate catfish; they will eat fry (and eggs obviously) of other fish, but not mature fish even if small (under 1 inch). [BTW, a 4.5 inch fish is not what I would call "smallish.";-)]

Another peaceful catfish is the Whiptail, Rineloricaria parva in our profiles, the original or the red lizard variant. Same as the corys, only likely to eat eggs and new fry.

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