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stocking my 29 gallon

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I currently have a pair of german blue rams in my 29 gallon tank. Now I have an electric blue ram male ready to come out of my quarantine tank. But I'm afraid the other male who is much larger may attack him. Is it a bad idea to add him to the tank? Or is it okay to put them together?? The electric blue male is about an inch. The german blue male may be closer to 2 inches.
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It's a might. If you can try to make a semi-blocked area for half of the tank so they can have territories(something like a glass or plastic divider, but not a full one, one that only goes about half way up if that makes sense, or you could divide it fully if you have trouble), then it might be ok. But there could be trouble with two males in the tank, especially since one is smaller. A full double their recommended sized tank would be better for two males in one tank, so 40+ gallons would make trouble less likely. It's also possible you wont have trouble if you feel they have enough room, and if your other ram has already established his territory area. Provided it's not in the center of the tank it should be easier...
My concern with adding the second, smaller male is that it will be stressed to death. The bigger male need not ever attack it to kill it.
I wouldn't do that to the electric blue. I had 3 electric blue rams in my
55g .. They harassed each other a lot. I finally gave the 3rd one back to the store . It was evident that there were 2 males and they wouldn't tolerate each other. Now with just a pair the 55 is much more settled. Rams can be stressed with more consequence then many other fish. Especially with you having a size difference too .. Seems like an issue will happen .. When is the only question I'd ask .

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Yeah I kinda figured putting them together would be a bad idea. Was just kind of hoping someone would say it would be okay. No such luck. Now I may have to get rid of this guy and maybe replace him with a electric blue female. 2 females and a male would be okay together correct?? Or is it the same problem between females??
There's a better chance that 2 females and a male will work, but it's still a good possibility that it won't. Females are competitive too :) and if you get a pair the third will be a problem no matter what sex it is.

If you want to make sure you get a pair, the best way is to get a group of 6, with 2-3 males. Once a pair forms it will be obvious at which point you remove the others.
Two females with one male is another maybe. Though it's a muuuch higher maybe than another male, especially if you can find a larger one and not a tiny.

Is your male already bonded with your current female? If not, or even if he is, he may chase the other female around causing stress. Normally they're alright if the male is already bonded he'll often ignore the other female. There's also the oddball chance the females will make trouble.
Okay. Well I don't want to stress either since I've only had them a couple days and heard they don't handle stress very well so will just keep the pair for now. I purchased them from the seller as an already bonded pair although the size difference did kind of throw me off as I was expecting fish about the same size but the male is way bigger. And I sometimes I see him chasing her all over the tank.l so I'm not sure if they are indeed bonded. But also sometimes I see them swimming together and following each other around and just the other day they were huddled in a corner of the tank and the male did this funny shimmy and moved all the sand around an created like a little nest which I'm assuming is preparing for breeding.
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